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Welcome to the Situation FUBAR Update!


At the very first we started this whole anti-fraud "GURU FREE ZONE" patriot - currency community thingamajig, which was initially & primarily intended for all of the level headed "misfits" out there who have been unfortunately caught up in the FAUX Dinarland community that was hijacked long ago by conjobbers, scammers and agents of disinformation and because we noticed that there were other like-minded folks, like ourselves who were not only being ignored but even prohibited from joining in or participating in any logical-minded commentary by some of the existing Dinarland web sites, weblogs, forums, chat rooms and conference calls. 

Well we are all the same group of folks who have been trying our best to expose all of these one-sided UNTRUTHS! by constantly supplementing any information that is deemed contrary to all of the outlandish false narratives, stories and nonfactual information that's been continually spread all across Dinarland for the past several years. Most of these unprincipled so-called bogus SELF-PROCLAIMED D-LAND GCRRV GURUS/ INTEL PROVIDERS/ EXPERTS/ PROPHETS/ NEW AGED/ OCCULT YOGIS, etc. all hate any logical and direct questions addressed to them specifically! Need any proof? Just look at their responses, that is if they ever respond back! Or else they will suddenly call you names and claim your the evil enemy, then proceed to block, remove, and/or just BAN you outright! Also, have you ever wondered how some of these (phoney, totally controlled and therefore staged) conference calls claim hundreds of folks on the line but only the same callers gain access to the GURU'S Q&A sessions week after week, month after month, and year after year? They also lay claim that their countless confernece calls only originated because of all the growing demand throughout Dinarland for much more information and to expand on all of their daily "BOGUS SITREPS" about what is going on behind the scenes within the day to day foreign currency world that will one day lead to the FINAL EXCHANGE of everyone's currencies. 

These morally corrupt bunch of folks (some who are even based off-shore i.e. like in the Philippines), who also seemingly delight in giving away all of their so-called expert currency, spiritual and humanitarian advice, in what they also claim is all for FREE!  It's all just way too much false information being disseminated all of the time as well as their intentional pumping up of currencies with their most creative and exaggerated claims of great wealth and the constant spewing of their outright lies, constantly delivered from a very sophisticated embedded network of top-of-their-game con-artists.

Most of these amoral, dishonest, dishonorable, untrustworthy, venal, underhanded, double-dealing, fraudulent online scammers even have the audacity of providing all of these currency holders that are scattered all throughout Dinarland their falsely reported and totally questionable state of all of the foreign currencies in their prospective given markets. They continue to keep on promising their readers and listeners of the untold riches that are to be one day utilized only for the greatest of all humanitarian purposes that always seem to become an illusive unrealistic path that will never ever be attainable. Each day they continue to prey upon the innocent, " God fearing" type of folks who deeply believe that they have been called to serve their fellow man. These unethical wicked vultures also have exuded an "Everybody Wants to SAVE This World!" mentality, which again only seems to exists within their alternative and/or underground online groups.

Folks not to fret because for a long while there has been a very concentrated effort underway by the silent majority who intend to not only expose all of these Dinarland charlatans but to finally get rid of them once in for all from ever doing harm to good people in general. It is a nasty business they are peddling online and every time they seem to be done with they suddenly all shape shift into another state and form online under new and clever identities or "handles" again with their hidden agendas in tact. They are very shifty and slimy characters and must all be stopped!

We sincerely wish to only offer to our members an "unfiltered" and totally FREE! online community platform, one that will allow others to come together to finally voice their thoughts or opinions and concerns or objections and not be "restricted" to just waiting around each day for the ever increasing flow of disinformation about the current state and order of things that continue to develop in and around Dinarland.

Well folks the unlawful Dinarland bucks all begins and stops with all of these greedy and unscrupulous perpetrators of disinformation when that one day will come soon when they will finally all be held accountable for their criminal deeds and corrupt actions against all of HUMANITY!

Please take note in advance, there will be no posting or publishing of any so called 800#'s nor any emailing of a so called TETELESTAI as this is not what the Situation FUBAR Update web site is all about. Although, any necessary and tangible worthy information that needs to be disseminated amongst any and all of our members will be done so on a strictly timely and in a logical fashion.
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We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by any of our members on the Situation FUBAR Update web site. We do not support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content or communications posted on Situation FUBAR Update web site.

The Situation FUBAR Update web site is not a registered investment adviser, broker dealer, banker or currency dealer and as such, no information on this web site should be construed as any sort or form of investment advice. Also, the Situation FUBAR Update web site does not intend to and is not in the business of providing any of the following services: financial, legal, tax, political or any other type of advice to any member, guest or reader of this web site. The Situation FUBAR Update web site is merely to be used for informational and/or entertainment purposes. It is not the purpose nor intention of the Situation FUBAR Update web site to influence any person as to purchase or sell currencies or any other investments.

Also, the Situation FUBAR Update Web site does not buy, sell, trade or hold any currencies, commodities or other investments based upon any postings or messages either posted or referenced on this web site. The Situation FUBAR Update web site strictly advises that the users of this web site seek and rely upon the advice of licensed and registered financial, legal and tax advisers.

Again, the Situation FUBAR Update web site is a totally "free" will of use web site and until further notice will also remain "free" of any service or subscription fees. Any and all information contained herein shall be construed as either purely "Conjecture" or else “Rumor.” The owners and operators of the Situation FUBAR Update web site shall not be held responsible for any information contained herein, which includes any information provided by its member users or others who may be guest or visitors of the web site. The owners or operators of the Situation FUBAR Update web site shall all be held harmless for any and all information posted on this web site.

By using the Situation FUBAR Update web site you may be exposed to content that might be classified as distasteful, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate, or in some cases, some postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise seemly deceptive. Under no circumstances will the owners or operators of the Situation FUBAR Update web site be liable in any way for any content, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted or otherwise made available elsewhere.

General Posting and Responding Rules

In order to keep the tone of the Situation FUBAR Update web site's online community an enjoyable and positive place for our members, we encourage each of you to always use good judgement and to refrain from any negative commentary.

The Situation FUBAR Update web site allows only its members to post and respond to any of the site's articles. If you wish to respond or speak your mind then just simply write or post an article or update pertaining to the current FUBAR situations hightlighted in our Forum that is relating to Geopolitical News & Events, INTEL, Rumors, Thoughts & Opinions and/or Messages regarding: Dinarland (the RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA, The Republic, Spirituality or Ascension) and/or Just About Anything Else that Relates! and so on.

The Situation FUBAR Update web site members should always keep in mind the following rules when using this community. Failure to follow these rules of conduct can result in immediate termination (banning) of your account. Above all else, be nice to each of the fellow members you will meet here and treat each other as you too would wish to be treated with the utmost respect:
  • ABSOLUTELY no trolling other members! Immediate action and removal will be enforced with out prior notification   
  • ABSOLUTELY no use of vulgarity, pornography or any other acts termed to be Illicit will not be tolerated
  • Don’t annoy others by posting the same thing again and again (and again and again)
  • Debates are encouraged, but they should be respectful and constructive
  • Do your best to use proper grammar and at least some common sence
  • Do not abuse the private message facility because we monitor all large bulk sends
  • You may not use the private message facility to promote your site or product unless it is to a member who has explicitly asked for information
  • No advertisements or promotions of any kind are allowed in any of the areas on the Community unless you are granted permission from a designated  Community administrator
  • Promoting other Web sites (personal/family websites, Facebook , Twitter or other Social Media type pages, anything else that is deemed controversial to our members is strictly prohibited)
  • Promoting any Products or services that you are selling (personal or professional) are strictly prohibited.
  • Promoting any Job opportunities is strictly prohibited
  • Promoting any Charities and charitable causes is strictly prohibited
  • Promoting your entry in a contest (e.g,. "vote for my photo in the best photo contest on!") Each Member Group can be promoted in Journal Posts once per week. Each person can promote a maximum of three groups per week

How to Get Unbanned

  • Stop breaking the rules
  • Admit you have done wrong and apologize to the offended parties
  • Put right whatever it is you have done wrong
  • Promise to behave
  • Act like a grown-up
  • Learn from your experience

How NOT to Get Unbanned

  • Calling the administrators/moderators names for enforcing the rules
  • Spreading rumors or untruths about the administrators/moderators
  • Sending abusive emails to the administrators/moderators
  • Claiming that you are innocent when you have been caught red-handed
  • Telling members that you are the victim
  • Trying to get other members to leave the Community
  • Generally otherwise proving yourself to be a nasty bad person

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter how important 'you' think you are, all members are treated the same. If you break the rules, we will ban you.

IF we think you have made any severe error in your judgment (by violating any of these highlighted rules of conduct), and depending on its total severity, we will email you first just to warn you that what you are doing is against the rules and that we expect you to put things right. If you don't, the ban will go ahead expeditiously. If it is obvious that you are deliberately breaking the rules, we will ban you instantly without any warning.

The Situation FUBAR Update Web Site Member Profiles:

In order to be considered for "Free" membership in this Community we require that all of the profile questions that our prospective members answer about themselves be honestly and fully completed. If our staff notices that a member profile question is not completed and/or is answered inappropriately then the prospective member will be contacted to take care of this issue. We would like to have each member represented as accurately as possible on this community with their choice of profile photos and also be able to showcase each new member on the featured member area. Also, as you may have noticed when first joining this community, a default 'temporary' profile photo was provided to use until being replaced with a more appropriate permanent profile photo.

Some members have already chosen to update their profile photos with either their own picture or an image that best represents themselves and we would appreciate it if our other members would also take the time to do the same in order to eliminate a lot of these default photos and also to enhance this community as well. Remeber to always please use your best judgment so as not to offend other community members.

 If you have any questions or wish to communicate with us then please send our admins and mods through the internal message system.

Have fun and be creative!

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